Notes to Self: Daily Reminders

  • Overlook it. If you can't overlook it, forgive it.
  • It's their life.
  • If they want advice, they'll ask for it.
  • Keep up your own interests.
  • Be enthusiastic. It beats being critical.
  • It's better to be liked than right.
  • Let them treat you to something.
  • Keep good-housekeeping tips to yourself


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December 02, 2013


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Miriam Hendeles

Great post! I think these marketplace chats where we grandmothers gather to share about our plans with our children and grandchildren are a form of bragging and "showing" ourselves and others that we are so very needed by our adult children. :) I think it's harmless and par for the course, and we all do it from time to time...but I do have to say that when don't feel that need to share all the details of my involvement with my grandkids, I feel better about myself. Now, all that being said - I have a Grandmother blog! And I wrote a book on the topic...but still - that's different!! I talk about lessons I learned and growth achieved through my experiences. So - I guess Grandmother sharing is here to stay! Love this topic and I enjoy your blog!


I love the sharing--especially the lessons learned. I like it best when it isn't in your face (a little self deprecation is always nice) and it doesn't have that braggadocio attached to it.
Thanks for stopping by. I always enjoy your comment Miriam

Lynn Hasselberger

I don't recall my parents running errands for me, although they live locally and came once a week when he was a baby so that I could run errands. Ha!


I guess we have a choice--run errands for our kids or give them the gift of our time so they can run the errands themselves. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

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