Notes to Self: Daily Reminders

  • Overlook it. If you can't overlook it, forgive it.
  • It's their life.
  • If they want advice, they'll ask for it.
  • Keep up your own interests.
  • Be enthusiastic. It beats being critical.
  • It's better to be liked than right.
  • Let them treat you to something.
  • Keep good-housekeeping tips to yourself


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October 23, 2013


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Miriam Hendeles

Hi - when I first saw the headlineto this post, I thought I would disagree with your premise - after all, "what is wrong with being nice?" But then when I read further, I realized that what you were describing was manipulative behavior. It's definitely a problem if the MIL is giving stuff unsolicited... especially if there is pressure for the adult kids (who are likely overwhelmed with running their family) to say thank you. To use the unwanted item. To find a place for it. You're right. It's smothering and not at all "nice!" :) Great website from what I've seen. Can't wait to check out the rest of it...

Susan Adcox

This sounds to me like grandparents with too much time on their hands. I can barely keep up with my own appointments, much less the grandkids'. It is true that some people are just champion worriers. But my family doesn't have to worry about any of this behavior from me. I simply don't have the time and energy!

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