Notes to Self: Daily Reminders

  • Overlook it. If you can't overlook it, forgive it.
  • It's their life.
  • If they want advice, they'll ask for it.
  • Keep up your own interests.
  • Be enthusiastic. It beats being critical.
  • It's better to be liked than right.
  • Let them treat you to something.
  • Keep good-housekeeping tips to yourself


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September 20, 2013


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Susan Adcox

Excellent advice. I don't Skype much with my grands because they live within an hour of me. But now that my oldest is in college about four hours away, I need to get the Skype habit. My problem is that I haven't done it enough to get really comfortable with it. Time for me to get over that and get to Skyping!

rebecca lemov

cute dog - does she speak German?

Miriam Hendeles

I love your advice. Great topic....However, actually, my grown kids and their adorable sons who live far away from us do not like to use Skype. Oh I follow the other rules of being a grandmother. I don't push the issue! I figure maybe one day they will come up with the idea on their own and I, for one will be ready! In the meantime, it's sending pictures, phone convos and all that...

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