Notes to Self: Daily Reminders

  • Overlook it. If you can't overlook it, forgive it.
  • It's their life.
  • If they want advice, they'll ask for it.
  • Keep up your own interests.
  • Be enthusiastic. It beats being critical.
  • It's better to be liked than right.
  • Let them treat you to something.
  • Keep good-housekeeping tips to yourself


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February 09, 2013


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Susan Adcox

It's seldom good to make choices out of a fear of what might happen -- in this case, that the daughter might have to move back home. I'm with Carolyn Hax. If the daughter wants to be an entrepreneur, she needs to find a way to make it work.


Wow. Coming up with $2500 a month is a big sacrifice. I don't think the child could know how much it is until she is made to find it on her own. It's tough. We have one a freshman in college. We told him he had to have job this semester. Well, it's the middle of February and still no job. I feel like we are heading down the same path if we don't shake things up with him.


It never hurts--and it's never too late--to help our kids understand the value and cost of things we provide them--especially something as important as a college education.

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